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Lea Schroeder Illustration Design Luxembourg

"We all have a story to share. As art director, my job is to help you tell yours, through iconic concepts that reflect your identity"

Lea Schroeder Art Director

for who ? 

I speak to brands and creators, communication agencies, companies in the field of culture, decoration and well-being, whether they are at the launch stage or in the growth and development phase.

I cherish companies that convey an ethical vision and missions with a social, cultural and/or environmental impact.

I work alone or directly with your teams to direct the creation of your projects.

For more complex projects, I work in collaboration with a network of competent freelancers who have earned my trust.

what ? 

I create concepts that illuminate your story and your values, through:

  • 360° communications

  • corporate identities,

  • Signature of a collection or special edition,

  • Illustrations & Print design,

  • Social Media Content & Web Design,

  • Animation & Motion design,

  • Product Design & Prototyping,

  • Corporate gifts

  • Displays, showcases, trade fair stands

  • Packaging

I also take care of subcontracting the manufacturing in order to deliver the final product directly to you.

result for

you ? 

  • An attractive visual identity, unique and specific to you

  • Communication consistent with your values and your history

  • An image and products that set you apart from your competitors

  • An affirmation of change and expansion

  • A gain in visibility and commercial impact

  • An unmistakable presence on the market

  • A real resonance with your target audience

  • A toolkit to retain your current and attract your future customers

Lea Schroeder Art Director Luxembourg

Contact me for a free call or appointment, to discuss your needs and explore the horizon of possibilities

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